Mysterious Object

SM was born in San Miguel Amatlan a pueblo in Oaxaca, Mexico. He was lived here for half his life time working as a cook at various restaurants throughout L.A. County. This story was told to him by a co-worker some years ago.



No se quien se lo hizo si no que dice que derepente le dolia aqui su brazo. Aquí abajo de su brazo le dolía. Y le salio una bolita…y se agarraba el guey se agarraba y dice que asi estaba y ya no este…pues ya no aguanto el dolor porque se le estaba hinchando se le estaba hinchando… y el dice que le estaba molestando y ya no aguanto entonces como ya estaba el bodoque ahí fue al doctor. y le revisaron ahí, le revisaron y después le abrieron y le sacaron una toalla. Una toalla de esas toallas dice que le sacaron ya todo vieja todo asi, pedasos de toalla le sacaron. Y esta molesto, estaba encabronado que quien pero dice que él piensa que no más su cuñado. Pero te digo que no se llevaba con su cuñado.



I don’t know who did it to him, only that he said that suddenly he started to feel pain here in his arm. Here underneath his arm he felt pain. He developed a small growth…and he grabbed himself, grabbed himself and he said that he was like that and that well…well he could no longer stand the pain because it swelled and swelled…and he said it was bothering him and he could no longer stand it, so since he had a growth he went to the doctor. And they checked him there, they checked him and later they cut him open and they took out a towel. One of those towels, he said they took it out all old, they took out pieces of towel. and he was upset, he was pissed off of who had done that. He thought that it was only his brother-in-law. Because I tell you he did not get along with his brother-in-law.



This story is exemplary of the acts that are carried out among family members due to marriage feuds, which revolve around birthplace or a presence of a magical bloodline.Though family is hailed as important in hispanic cultures, it is also family that are the only people that can hurt you. I found this story interesting, particularly that the storyteller had to go to the hospital. It would have been interesting to see the doctors reaction.