New Year’s Eve Dinner

This is informant’s family tradition’s dinner to eat Japanese noodle in soy sauce based soup on new year’s eve. On Dec 31, most of shops and restaurants are closed, so informant’s father makes noodle from flour and while he cooks, mother cleans up the whole house. Interestingly this is only day her father cooks dinner for everyone. Every year the noodle which father cooks does not taste good, therefore mother has to make pre-cooked noodle she bought from the shop is used after every family member eats a bite of father’s noodle. This tradition continues every year since the informant was little and no one really understands why father has to cook the noodle from scratch although he doesn’t know how to cook it. Father’s noodle has never tasted better and usually family members still eat noodles from the retail stores eventually.