Northern American Proverb

What is a proverb you’ve heard plenty of times before in your own household?

B.N. – “My grandfather, the man who’s M.O. was to be super reserved, very careful would always tell me “what’s the worst plan you can have?  No plan at all.”

How has this impacted you, and your life?

B.N. – “I mean, it’s hard to be conscious of this, but these are words that I definitely live by.  He was always ‘the man with the plan,’ and all my life, which has, like, always been in this town of Willmar, has always been easy for me.  And it’s because, I think, I’ve always had these words to live by, this backbone that I could go back to.”


This simple proverb resonated with this person just as it does with me.  He admitted that it doesn’t seem like most proverbs – too specific.  But, when I think about what it meant to him, in his town where – as his own uncle put it – danger was around every corner at one point or another, it brings another meaning to me.