Oh Shame

Context: A is a sophomore in university. He grew up in South Africa in a christian family and community. He speaks a mix of Afrikaans and English with his family when he is home.

A: “This is also something said in my extended family.”Foeitog siestog arme kind, môre voel jy beter.” It means like kinda like ‘oh shame’ it means that you feel bad for someone and ‘tomorrow you will feel better’. It’s like a joking semi-aggressive thing if someone is complaining. For minor inconveniences. My grandma would say this to me when I was annoyed. This was spread between my extended family and family friends.”

Reflection: This is a great example of quips and sayings that families will often use among themselves. That is not to say that these sayings are unique to the family, but they are often inherited and spread amongst the family.