One present (holiday celebration)

“Every year my mom lets my sister and I open one singular present of our choosing, the night before Christmas. We loved that she let us do it. Been doing it as long as I can remember, so like my whole life. I’m actually not sure if it was to make [the holiday] more fun for us, but it did – it was probably just because we were being impatient once as little kids and my mom told us we could do that to try and get us to stop annoying her, but its become a tradition for us.”

This informant told me about how she finds meaning in a tradition she doesn’t even understand the origins of. Though she recalls it joyfully and seems grateful to her mother for keeping it up, I find it interesting how she assumes it may stem from a fault of her own or her sister’s own.

If her assumption is correct, that would mean that this holiday celebration came from a place of necessity from her mother, and yet it developed and changed into something joyfully and disconnected from its original intention.