Overton Bridge

Overtoun Bridge


N. D. grew up in New Jersey under some challenging circumstances. He was not given anything and had to work for everything that he had. He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 and has worked his way up from the role of a humble construction worker to the owner of a construction company. He is a very successful contractor and enjoys an adventurous life full of skiing, hiking, and traveling with his three sons and wife.


“We have a bunch of family in Ireland. We visit them often. Sometimes we make a vacation of the trip afterwards. A few summers ago… We go to Scotland. I gotta tell ya… I have never experienced anything like this. There’s this huge bridge called the Overtoun Bridge. The bridge itself is cool but nothing too special. What is absolutely nuts… Apparently several dogs have committed suicide off of this bridge. They get to this bridge and just go insane… and jump off the edge of the bridge into the waterfall and rocks below. I have never heard of anything like it. Super creepy… Couldn’t believe that. Also couldn’t believe anyone in their right mind would continue to take their dogs to this place.”


Upon further research of the Overtoun Bridge, it looks like it has sparked international notoriety. Several animal experts have been sent to investigate the supposed dog suicides at the bridge, and the experts are completely stumped. The common denominator is that the dogs usually jump off the same side of the bridge on clear-weather days, and the most common breads of dogs that leap off the edge have long snouts. Leading scientists speculate that dogs are attracted to a scent below the bridge given off