Palm Itching

G :”If your hand itches a lot, it means you’re going to get money.”

Me : “Oh! My hand itches a lot.”

G : “No, like only your palm. If your palm itches a lot, it means you’re going to get money.”

This specific folk belief is one that I have never heard of before. Griselda does not believe in this, obviously because it is more of a superstition than an actual belief, but she told me that this is what her mother used to tell her as a kid. We both agreed that we wished this were true because.. imagine how rich we would’ve been by now! After telling me this belief, she went on telling me about how she made an inspiration board and she gets inspired through that. In conclusion, I thought it was amazing how one folk belief inspired Griselda to go out and do things on her own.

Griselda Vega is a 41 year old mother of two sons. She also works in the office with me. She was exceptionally excited to share with me her culture’s stories and traditions which made it exciting for me to interview her. Griselda was born in Mexico and lived there until the age of 20, when she moved to the United States. At the age of 21, she was employed, and she works at the same office since then.