Patience is a Virtue Proverb

Text: Patience is a virtue.

Context: Probably learned it in elementary school from my second grade teacher. Probably, but I don’t really know. I would use it on myself as a reminder or on my other friends. It only works in English. I feel like a master, and it calms me. I just feel, like, smart. Helps to remind myself not to rush through things and also know that patience is hard to achieve because it’s a virtue.

Analysis: This proverb serves to give advice that seems more trustworthy than personally crafted words. By using this well-known phrase, it implies that many people agree with this advice and relies on this “vernacular authority.” This perspective is supported by F.A. de Caro in chapter 8 of Folk Groups and Folklore Genres: An Introduction which details how proverbs often employ cultural perspectives, rhymes, and literary devices to convey enduring messages that provide insights, guidance, or practical wisdom. Furthermore, using a proverb disclaims any individual blame, especially since simply telling someone to be patient could be seen as an insult or overstep.