Perica i roda (Perica and the stork)

TK is my dad and he likes jokes. It was a part of his culture growing up and he always likes to have a nice laugh.


Every summer we my family and I would go to Iž for our vacation. Iž is an island in Croatia. Usually to pass time in the car on our way there we play games, tell jokes and on one of those rides he told us this one.


Perica and his mom are on their way to the zoo. While in the car Perica asks:

“Mama, will we see the stork in the zoo?”

His mom answers:

“Of course Perice.”

All happy and with a smile on his face Periсa replies:

“Great! I wonder if he will recognize me!”


This joke is funny because of the fact that storks are associated with delivering babies. Many children get siblings before they are ready for “The Talk” but their curious nature means parents have to tell them something. Because of their long history associated with babies and family, storks are an easy story to tell kids sometimes. Perica wondering will the stork recognize him because he is all grown up now and not a baby anymore as when the stork supposedly delivered him to his parents. I like this joke because it is appropriate for all generations and proves that it doesn’t have to have offensive language or be insulting to be funny.