Playground Game

Story: There was this one game- I used to go with my parents to these health and biotech conventions and at one of them I got this comic book that was like.. Basically to explain this biological process where these cells attacked and shot at cancerous tumors. After I read that I went back home and told my friends at school about it. On the playground we would pretend to be parts of the immune system and we would have battles. One of the roles was commander of the immune system, who would call other cells to attack a bacterium (another kid). All of the cells would then chase the bacterium down and, like, make sure that they couldn’t further infect the body (by tagging them).

Context: I was told this story by the informant in person, and recorded them so that I could better transcribe later on.

Thoughts: The informant talks about it as one of the first times where they and their friends used creativity to actually build something. “There were like 10 kids playing this game that was a cool melding of education and play, and it made me wanna learn more”.

Analysis: I thought this game was really cute, and an interesting example of folklore. Starting with a from of media that is in fact written down, and transferring it to a playground game that constantly evolves, shifts, and allows for new players and ideas is a great concept. Especially one so complex as this, with the amount of actually relevant information. Overall, a great way to learn and a very creative idea!