Pokemon’s Lavender Town Urban Legend

Though it’s just an urban legend, the informant finds the legend of Pokemon’s Lavender Town to be entertaining due to its creepy nature. It’s one of the most well-known urban legends involving the Pokemon games.

The incident in question occurred after the release of the Japanese version of Pokemon Red and Green, when a number of Japanese children committed suicide. In the Pokemon videogames, there’s a location on the map called “Lavender Town.” It’s a real location in the game, and the player must travel to Lavender Town on his or her journey in order to beat the game. However, the music that plays in-game while the player is in Lavender Town is incredibly unsettling. Some versions of the story say that the programmers encrypted a code into the song that would cause the kids to commit suicide.

The urban legend has been proven false, but the story still persists. The informant thinks there are a couple reasons why. The first reason is that people genuinely like to be scared. “That’s why scary movies are popular, right? People love this stuff. It’s creepy. It’s supernatural,” she said. Another reason she cites is that the song that the legend is based on is actually a creepy song in real life. “It’s something about the tones used in the song. It makes you feel unhappy, gives you a sinking feeling when you listen to it.”

Other versions of the legend say that Lavender Town’s song is so sad because the town exists as a memorial to all the Pokemon that have ever died in the Pokemon universe.