Polack jokes



18, student

20 April 2011

“Why did the Polack cross the road?

-He couldn’t get his dick out of the chicken”

Her father taught Christina this joke, they share a liking for Polish jokes. Growing up in Denmark, Polish jokes were common for Christina. She learned from her friends, on TV, and at school. They are passed down, and even though they are mean, Christina says, “ya but we have jokes about everyone, my dad always says you gotta keep a thick skin, a firm handshake and a drink in the left hand.

This joke represents blaison populaire because it draws on popular stereotypes and belittles the Polish people. These jokes are learned and passed down making them perfect folklore specimens. Christina isn’t really a racist but she, like many other, enjoy laughing at other country’s foibles and making light-hearted jokes

Tim Perille


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