Polish Sausage Recipe

Stupid Pollack

1. 100% polish sausage

1. Fresh Bun

Bacon-wrap the dog, grill it, add yellow mustard, mac n’ cheese, grilled onioins, and a whole pickle.

This sausage is very important to Brennan, his dad started eating them in the fifties when hot dogs were in their prime. Back then Polish people were discriminated against and known to be stupid. Brennan said they named this dog the “Stupid Pollock” because it was as if some idiot had moronically put the ingredients together. Not that Brennan hates “Pollacks”, he just loves the sausage and respects the tradition. Brennan’s grandfather taught Brennan’s mom and now she makes them for Brennan whenever he comes home form school.

Brennan told this story with so much detail that it was clear he cherished both the sausages and the memories. It was a family secret, written down for the first time, and is a variation on the classic polish sausage. These factors in combination with the blaison populaire in the title make “Stupid Pollack’s” part of folklore. You can see other recipes like this throughout America, the hot dog and polish sausage are staples with many variations.

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