Presidential Joke-Harry Truman

This joke was collected from a fanfiction story called “Every Day A Holiday I :Summer” in The Sentinel fandom. The premise of the fic is that one of the protagonist is dared by his partner to find a unique holiday for every day for a period of three months. This particular joke was for the August 11th holiday: Presidential Joke Day.



The Trumans were taking a tour of a farm, being shown around separately. In the chicken yard Bess said, ‘Only one rooster for all these hens?’ The farmer told her it was no problem, as the rooster could ahem perform his duty many times a day. Bess said, ‘Tell that to the president.’ Later Harry was brought around to the hen yard, and the farmer relayed Mrs. Truman’s comment. The president said, ‘With the same chicken each time?’ ‘No sir, with a different chicken each time.’ ‘Tell that to Mrs. Truman.
This joke was posted as a part of a story dealing with two characters who are work partners and roommates who through the course of celebrating holidays find a new depth to their relationship which transitions from platonic to romantic. It was thus interesting that the premise of this joke was infidelity and making light of that situation. However, in the context of the story is could serve as a contrast to the relationship already held by the protagonists and gradual change into a deeper relationship. Through the course of celebrating holidays, the couple is able to work through any lingering problems that they may have and settle into a more stable situation.