Proverb- “You Are Who You Date”

This proverb was taught to Lauren by her father, Charles Corley. The meaning of this proverb is stated by Lauren to be, “When the person you are dating mirrors the characteristics you have. So dating somebody that’s jacked up and cheating means you’re probably jacked up and cheating too.” Lauren said you would use this proverb when you are explaining to someone who is having problems in their relationships. This proverb can be used amongst women and men.

Lauren’s term jacked up refers to someone is treating another person wrong which therefore causes an unhealthy relationship. I do agree with Lauren’s interpretation of this proverb. The proverb is explanatory and shows the person that you are with reflects the types of people you like to hang out with. This proverb reminds me of another proverb that my mother once taught me which states, “Association brings about assimilation”. This proverb is similar to Laurens because it also states the people you decide to associate yourself with are the people you will start to assimilate with, sharing similar interests, styles, tastes, emotions, hobbies, etc. However, I believe this proverb can only be used on a case-by-case basis because there are people who end up in unhealthy relationships whose character does not necessarily reflect the character of their spouse.