Portuguese, Irish, German


19, Student

Los Angeles, CA

24 April 2011

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

To Brennan, this means don’t scrutinize a present just accept a gift and be grateful. Brennan says this proverb has special significance in his family because his dad and grandpa both use the phrase regularly. Brennan doesn’t have much money and so he’s really learned to appreciate the little things and be more generous from his parents and phrases like this. Brennan believes more people should be gracious and feels like this phrase should be more widespread. He doesn’t know where it comes from but it’s a family folk proverb that he continues to spread.

This folk proverb has been passed down through the Loftus family. This folklore is important because it has a positive message that teaches kids to be grateful. Folklore like this can be seen in literature and pop culture. There are variations on this folklore but the origins are unknown.

Tim Perille


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