Informant: A day late and a dollar short.

The informant learned this proverb from her mother.

Collector: Why would your mom say this proverb? In what context?

Informant: It was always meant jokingly/lightheartedly but I guess with the context of death or talking about not experiencing something.

Collector: Did you hear proverbs from your mother a lot?

Informant: No, mom didn’t say proverbs often.

Collector: Did you have a strict upbringing?

Informant: Not a super strict upbringing but in some ways, yeah; like with school want what not.

Collector: Did the day late and dollar short proverb make you think about missing opportunities or not experiencing life enough? Why or why not?

Informant: Yes, that quote made me want to embrace life and make the most because I don’t want to fail or live with regrets.

Under the context provided by the informant, this proverb expresses a correlation between success and finances. This shows a very westernized obsession with monetary goods. To relate being ‘a dollar short’ with not experiencing something also associates all aspects of life with money whether it be specifically a financially secure occupation or the ability to adventure and participate in recreational activities.