The White Witch

The informant visited Jamaica when she was seven or eight with her family. They visited an old plantation that used to be run by a cruel slave owner. They were told that her ghost still haunted that plantation. There was no threat element as the ghost was not said to attack. She was called the White Witch.

Collector: Who was the White Witch before she died?

Informant: She ran the plantation.

Collector: Do you know how she died?

Informant: Not sure how she died. I think it was natural causes.

Collector: Did they provide you with examples of her cruelty?

Informant: Yeah. Her cruelty with her slaves and brutally hurting them and what not.

Collector: In what context and who told you this story?

Informant: Tour guide! Told us more as history than for fear but alluded that she was feared.

The informant didn’t see anything and didn’t believe it.

As this story was primarily told by local tour guides to tourists, it’s possible that this folklore stemmed from a place of consumerist intentions. Tourists are drawn to folklore as it makes their visit feel more “authentic.”