Proverb About Timeliness

El que tiempo agarra, tiempo le sobra – (The one who makes time, has time to spare)

My mom would tell me this every time I was late for school or was in a hurry. It’s much like the Spanish version of “the early bird gets the worm”. My mom said her parents would tell her siblings the same thing and eventually my mom picked up on it to tell her own tardy children.

I myself would find it tedious because my mom was right. I’d be rushing and hurrying out the door going to school in the morning and she’d often bid me goodbye by saying this old proverb. And now still, when I’m running late, I hear it in my mind in her voice. My parents are big on timeliness and tend to sometimes go overboard on being so. As such this expression serves as a kind of thing to live by, which admittedly, is true.