Proverb – Chinese

Chinese:          ?   ?   ?? ?   ?   ?

Literal Translation:   to have        will          things     will      succeed

Carolyn first heard this quote from a Chinese drama that uses many of these proverbs to convey a positive message.  It was during a scene in a traditional setting between a mother and a daughter, when the daughter was leaving the city to find work.  She says that this is a very powerful proverb that shows that if you put your heart into something, you will achieve your goals.  She further explains this proverb as a way for the adults to teach their children to stick to their goals.

Although Carolyn is a bilingual Asian-American, she was embarrassed to know this proverb from a Chinese drama.  The spread of Asian culture through the media is a very popular to communicate certain messages.  This proverb is similar to the English proverb that “if there is a will, then there is a way.”  The similarity of the cultures between two completely separate countries shows that ideals are often consistent.  The Chinese value hard work and have these proverbs to show that it will all pay off in the end.  Strong willed people will help them succeed.

The Chinese and American culture both emphasize the importance of working hard.  The Chinese have a similar “American Dream” in that they strive for a better life through ambition and struggles.  Therefore, an Asian-American learning proverbs such as these is very practical because it shows the bringing over of Chinese value into American society.  Asian-Americans are very ambitious because they have these ideals and also have the opportunity to put them into use.  Being a second generation Asian-American, Carolyn learned from her parents that hard work pays off.  Short phrases such as these are commonly heard from parents who wish for their children to succeed.