Proverb – Ukraine

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“Love ride, love and carry sled”

“If you like to ride the sled, you should also like to drag it”

Tatyana said that she learned this proverb when she was in her teens and living in Russia. She would usually go shopping with her friends and would get tired of carrying all the bags with the merchandise. One day, one of her friends told her the proverb and from that point on, she started to complaint less. She realized that because she likes to shop, she should learn to love to carry all those heavy bags. She told me that the proverb symbolizes that if you love doing an activity, you should ignore and not complaint about the consequences of doing the activity. If you like to slide down the hill, going up the hill should be just as fun. She told me that this proverb is usually told to people that are being hypocrite and it just to show them that they should not be complaining.

I agree with the proverb and with Tatyana’s interpretation of the proverb. If someone wants to have fun, they should not be a hypocrite and complain about the consequences of the activity. An example of this is kids that want their parent to buy them Bionicles. I have 2 cousins that always want Bionicles for Christmas and their birthday. Bionicles are action figures that are part of the LEGO family. They are very cool and have many interesting parts but usually take a while to build. My uncle and I always spent time trying to build these action figures while my cousins are yelling at us that we are not putting them together fast enough. The reason my cousins don’t put them together is that they are too young and get very frustrate very easily as they are young and can not follow directions. We tell them that they need to be patient and should try to built them because that is also part of owning a Bionicle.

The proverb is a great example on how we should not complaint as much as we do. Many college students like to party and sometimes do not work on their homework, for this situation their grades fail and then blame the professors or the university. However, the proverb specifically says that if you want to enjoy your self, you should also enjoy the consequences.