Proverb – Ukraine

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“Not spit in the pit, could be useful”

“Don’t spit in the well, you might need the water later”

Tatyana told me that she learn this proverb when she was about seventeen or eighteen years old. She said that she learn it before moving to the United States, while living in Russia. She said that this is mostly used within teens while they are talking about dating. She first heard the proverb when she was talking with her friends about having the idea of dumping her boyfriend. One of her friend told her the proverb and what she meant was that to be careful while dumping this guy, you never know when you will need him later in life. She said that even though she was going to dump him; she should be careful with her tone and the excuses that she uses and try not to make him mad because if you do, you will end the relationship forever. She told me that this was a great advice and she was able to remain friends with this guy. Tatyana also mentioned that this proverb is usually used to tell people to be careful on how they treat other people and that hurting someone could actually hurt you in the future as you might need their help.

I think that this is a great advice. You should never treat anyone badly; don’t ruin your chances with them as you might need them in the future. It symbolizes human beings as being the water of the well and your maltreatment being the spit. If you spit in a well, the water will turn bad and you will not be able to use it in the future. I think that Tatyana gave me the example of a situation that best fit this proverb. If one is about to break up with someone, they should be really careful not to damage the relationships between them. This proverb could be use in many places in the United States; many people treat other bad as they think they will never see them again. I am a good example of that, if I think I will ever see the person again, I just don’t care what I look like or act like. Relationships might end in a better note if people would hear this proverb. Couples could end the relationships better and create better chances of helping each other out.