Pticica krade djeci dude varalice (little birdy steals baby’s pacifier, binky)

SK is my mom who’s been living in Croatia for the past 15 years. She told me that both my brother and sister used pacifiers. And then she told me how she got them to stop using them.

Just like here in the United States, parents in Croatia buy pacifiers for their babies to calm them down. And as everyone knows it is hard for a baby to get rid of it. So I asked my mom how did she get my siblings to stop using them.


Why did you buy them pacifiers?


-It helps a lot, for an example it helps them go to sleep, it calms them down, but they easily get addicted to them.


How did you get them to stop using them?


-The teachers at the local preschool your brother and sister went to, told the babies when they lost their pacifiers that a little birdy took it and gave it to its baby birds to make it seem ok. I heard it from them and decided to give it a try. And it worked.


The whole story about birds steeling pacifiers from babies is ridiculous, but when you think about it, it actually works in this case. A baby can be strongly addicted to its pacifier and a playful story like this one can teach them a lesson of growing up.