7, 11, doubles

7, 11, doubles


Informant: TF was born and raised in Villa Park, California. His father works in commercial real estate and his mother working as a manager for Choc Hospital. He has one older brother, a twin sister, and one younger brother. TR is half Lebanese and strongly connected to his Lebanese background. He is a first year student at USC. He learned this game from a friend at high school.


What do you do when you go out to parties?


“I like to dance and play drinking games with my friends”


Drinking games?


“Yes, like for an example 7, 11, doubles”


What’s that?


“It’s a drinking game. You need a cup, two dices and alcohol of choice. You role dice and if you get 7, 11, or doubles (like two 2) you choose a person to drink from the cup in the middle. If you get 7, 11, or doubles again before the person drinks everything from the cup that person has to drink again.”


Does this game mean anything to you?


“I mean it’s a fun game to play when you go out to a party, that’s all.”


Later on the informant said that he plays the same game. It’s interesting how popular this game is among teenagers. A drinking game that makes drinking more fun.