Bernie is a very close friend of mine from Mexico. Bernie left Mexico for the first time to study at USC. He loves to talk about his culture, and speaks with a thick Mexican accent.




Performance: “uh, one of the traditions, probably you’ve heard of, in Mexican culture and really in Latino culture is the Quinceñera. The girls, when they turn 15, it means that they consider themselves women and thats why they throw the party. The Quinceñera, when they turn 15, is basically a huge party for the girl/woman and invites all the family and is a really common tradition that uh people do in Mexico.”



Response: I have heard of Quinceñeras before, as they are one of the most commonly known folk traditions of Mexican culture. I had never heard one described by a native who has likely been to countless Quinceñeras, and it was interesting to hear Bernie talk about it. I also find it interesting that girls are considered woman at the young age of 15. In American culture this seems far too young, and the girl would likely not even be in high-school yet.