Rabbits in Ireland

Nationality: American
Primary Language: English
Other language(s):
Age: 53
Occupation: Educator
Residence: Los Angeles
Performance Date: 11/26/2023

My dad did research in Ireland for a long time, but one memory really sticks in his mind. There was a week dedicated to Irish music called Willie Clancy Week. My dad was there in 2002 staying in a tiny youth hostel for the summer. He went out one night to go check out the music being played and ended up staying quite late into the light. He got on the road back to the hostel at three in the morning and got on this coastal road that went along the water for miles. Nobody lived in this area, it was mostly a grassy area for cows to graze with cliff faces on one side. My dad drove around a corner and suddenly saw hundreds of rabbits all across the road. He slammed on his brakes and somehow managed to miss all of the rabbits on the road. When he looked back into his rearview mirror there were no rabbits anywhere to be seen. He said he couldn’t see any trace of rabbits and had a weird feeling about the interaction. He checked with his professor the next day to see if there was any Irish folklore connected to rabbits, but he hasn’t found anything. 

My dad doesn’t tell many supernatural stories so it was very interesting to finally hear one from him. I did some research afterwards and found that rabbits represent prosperity and good fortune in Celtic mythology. Rabbits are associated with the moon and seen to be more active at night. The story left me extremely puzzled and hoping for something to explain it in the future.