Rain for All

Nationality: Nigerian/British

Primary Language: English

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

Residence: Los Angeles

Date: 2/19/2024

Text: “The rain does not fall on one roof” 


The participant recounts how this was a proverb told to her by her grandmother. She explained how this was said after a conversation of her grandmother recounting difficult times, as political change ensued in the country. The changes at the time brought a lot of chaos and disruption to communities, specifically leaving many people who were once sustainable into a financial crisis. She explains how land is very sacred and also monetarily significant, especially when the country is battling insecurity. Her grandmother used this proverb to remind her that no matter what position anyone is in, in this case a sense of security in an unstable time, does not change that hardships will affect everyone. The rain signifies that hardships affect the whole community. 


This Nigerian proverb encapsulates how hard times hit everyone at some point. This wisdom given to the participant by her grandmother, shared during times of instability, highlights the importance of community cohesion. It suggests that, like rain that falls on all roofs without preference, societal and personal struggles are widespread. The proverb encourages a sense of solidarity, for communities to come together in facing collective adversities and offer each other mutual support.