Red and Gold

  1. “Well my sister’s school does Red and Gold, which are the school’s colors and what they do is every year the entire school is split up into two groups, one group is on the red team and one is the gold team and then  there’s the white team, which is all five-year-old,s who moderate the huge event where each team organizes their own play based on a singular theme. You have to create a story around the team and create dance numbers and song numbers and have a narratives. There are many purposes, to unite the school, to show off the unique talent,s and get closer to the brother school. And every year they judges claim the winning team is better, but it alternates- red wins, gold wins, red wins, gold wins and it’s a huge event and it was started by the first presidents of Rosary and it’s held on over years.”
  2. This tradition takes place at my friends sister’s school. It’s an unofficial activity that basically everyone particiaptes in though it takes place outside of academic hours. It appears to be a sort of unification ritual that occurs annually among the students. The school is a private, K-8 school.