Remedy for Gastro Problems

  1. Main Piece: Rubbing a blend of Honey, “aajma” and hot water on your stomach, and allowing it to sit for 15 minutes will relieve a stomach ache caused by “gas”
  2. Informant Background:
    • What is it: A remedy for gas
    • Where did you learn it: My mother used to treat my stomach aches caused by gas in such a way.
    • Would you rather be treated this way, or with medication from a pharmacy? This way, it is better to not put foreign chemicals in your body. This is all homeopathic.
  3. Context of Performance: Medicinal Purposes
  4. My Purposes: It is very common for the older generation of India to find more comfort in homeopathic treatment. This is the form of medicine they grew up with, especially my grandparents who have only known of homeopathic treatment until the last 20 years of their life due to their upbringing and living in a small village. Thus it is understandable that my grandfather would have so many homeopathic remedies for all different kinds of illnesses.