Riddle – Los Angeles, California

Play on similar words (1 of 2)

Person 1: Say boast ten times, quickly

Person 2: Boast boast boast boast boast boast boast boast boast boast

Person 1: What do you put into a toaster?

Person 2: Toast?

Person 1: No, bread


Phil Lee heard this riddle from high school friends (in Los Angeles).

CollectorÂ’s Comments

This riddle is the second of two riddles that Phil Lee told me. The riddles are basically intended to trick people into giving a stupid reply to a simple question by using a play on words.

In this case, Phil asked me to say boast ten times very quickly and then he immediately asked what I put into a toaster. I was supposed to reply immediately, but instead I hesitated for a second, processed the question quickly, and replied bread (much to his displeasure).

He later explained that his riddles usually cause others to give an absurd reply if they do not take any time to think about the question and respond immediately. In this case, Phil expected me to say toast since it rhymes with boast.