Riddle: “The less of them you have, the more one is worth. A Friend.”

Text: “The less of them you have, the more one is worth. A Friend.”

Context: This riddle came from a movie I enjoy dearly, The Batman. This riddle is very important to me because it is a significant saying that reflects many aspects of life, from people to inanimate objects. This riddle can be interpreted in different contexts but it says the overall message that more does not equal better. Some people may not have a lot but being grateful and having one thing can account for everything. For example, having one good reliable friend can make up for having lots of friends who are unreliable.

Analysis: This riddle signifies a strong feeling of valuing what you have rather than how many of a specific thing you have, in this case, friends. The meaning to the informant is important because it reflects an aspect of their life where they learn to appreciate what they have rather than what they don’t. This riddle may relate to a group of people who feel the need to have a lot of one thing instead of valuing what they already have. Having the mentality of wanting more than appreciating what one has could cause one to lose touch with reality and become inconsiderate of what they have in front of them. This riddle goes as far as to set a reminder to people that all things don’t last forever so it is important to value what you have when you have it, and also to appreciate those who stay with you through thick and thin. Despite the riddle being able to be linked to a specific culture, it aims to challenge people to think differently about what they have and how they appreciate it, whether that be enough or not enough, the riddle makes one think and evaluate if they value what they have.