Ritual Psychedelics

Pronouns: He/Him

Age: 40

Nationality: Mexican/American

Primary Language(s): Spanish, English


“Before doing some amount of psychedelics, I would do a ritual around setting intention and connecting with whomever I’m with. It happened before we would ingest whatever the substance was – ideally a calming presence because taking drugs can cause anticipation. I think the intention depended on what was going on in a person’s life. It could be shared or kept personal. Connecting could be physical like holding hands or just presence. I think I tried to mention something about how difficult things could come up and how to sit with them. I think each time was unique because there are so many variables, so who you were with definitely changed things.”


This informant is interested in meditation and other mindfulness practices.


This ritual is practiced in the presence of change. Specifically, this ritual aims to lessen the negative effects of the mind/body alterations associated with psychedelics and simultaneously connect with those around the informant. Additionally, this ritual could be considered a ‘transition rite’ (as defined by Arnold van Gennep) because it ritually marks the transition from one mental/physical state to another.