Russian itch joke

“Okay, my dad tells me a lot of Russian jokes, but he just told me this one yesterday over the phone and it’s silly, but it made me laugh.

When your right hand itches, it means you’re gonna meet someone.

When your left hand itches, it means you’re gonna get some money.

When your nose itches, it means you’re gonna drink.

When your back itches, it means you’re gonna take a shower.”

The informant told me that Russians are generally very superstitious and believe in evil omens. This is a joke that plays off a natural condition, making the person who itches take something small and make it into a sign. Meeting someone or getting some money seem like pretty common fortunes across cultures, but the 3rd line about drinking seems to play off the stereotype that Russian people like to and are willing to drink a lot. The joke turns on the belief in signs though at the end with the punchline that the person just needs to take a shower, which is the most physically logical solution to the itching.