Santa’s Sack

Main Piece: KC: At Christmas, instead of having stockings we have pillowcases and they like act like Santa’s sack. I also used to leave cookies and brandy out for Santa, because apparently Santa really liked alcohol, haha!


Context: KC practices this tradition every Christmas, which she spends with her family in England.


Background: KC is very tied to her British roots, as her parents moved from England while her mother was pregnant with her, and so she has grown up with this and countless other British traditions being passed onto her through her direct and extended family.


Analysis: Pillowcases as stockings was not particularly interesting, but the thought that Santa left his sack for kids instead of filling a pre-left sock was super interesting! KC told me that at a very young age, she helped her grandmother fill the sacks, and until she explained this I was extremely confused– I wasn’t sure what sacks she was talking about. I like the idea that in England, Santa has thousands upon thousands of little sacks to leave for kids, as opposed to here in America where Santa has one big, giant, magical sack.