Saying – Spanish

Arbol que crece torcido, nunca se endereza

Arbol Que Crece Torcido Nunca Se Endereza
Tree Which Grows Twisted Never It straightens

A tree which grows twisted, will never straighten

This saying is always heard throughout the Hispanic cultures to describe a person’s personality and habits.  She often heard it when describing a child that is being raised in a difficult environment, and is often used to warn girls against teen pregnancies.  My cousin was pregnant at the age of 18, and her mother told her this phrase quit often so it is remembered distinctly.

My aunt would say this phrase because she was afraid that if my cousin moved away and raised the child, the child would not be raised correctly and would grow up to be a delinquent.

Also it is used to usually warn girls of higher class of boys that are of lower class. Overly concerned parents would often tell this to their daughters saying that because the boy was raised in a bad environment, that he will never be of the standards set for their daughter.

This is a bit of a metaphor that gives a clear image of a tree that is growing twisted.  Trees are very permanent and impossible to grow a different way, relating this idea to human beings, whether or not this is a true statement.

This saying is mostly said among older folk because it successfully serves as a warning statement or criticism to others.

This also shows the idea in Hispanic cultures the belief that people can not really change, and the importance of social class that plays with that.  Hispanic fathers are usually extremely protective of their father and have a huge saying of the decision of the groom to marry his daughter.