Setsubun (Talisman Festival)

Every year on February 4th in Japan, people have to throw roasted bean to inside of house and outside of house. There is usually someone pretending as a Oni (evil monster)outside and people have to throw beans to Oni in order to prevent him to come in the house. While throwing beans at Oni, they have to say, “Oni ha soto, Fuku wa uchi”(it means go demons outside, and bring luck in the house instead) After Oni escaping from their house, family members have to eat beans same amount as their age in order to attain good health throughout the year.


According to an informant, it is believed that the evil monster, Oni comes to the village. In order to keep Oni out of the village people throw beans at Oni. Also roasted beans are believed to have a power to absorb evil power. This is why the beans are chosen to be thrown.  Also the reason why they do such a ritual in February 4th may be a prayer to hope the seeds will grown successfully grow in the future. Roasted beans may represent as seeds which will be planted in spring.