Tanner is a student at USC and one of my closest friends. He grew up in Brea California, on the boarder of Orange Country. He was a part of both soccer, skate, and fishing communities as a kid, as well as the public school community and his local community. 



Preformance: “So, Snappa. It’s a game. and you have one cup in each corner of the table. And it’s 2v2. and you’re playing, and it involves a dice and each cup is filled up with beer. and you have 2 people on a team on one side and 2 people on a team on the other side. and the objective of the game is to throw the die a certain height up in the air, and make it land and roll through each of the cups on the other side. And whoever is playing defense at that point has to catch it with one hand. So, if it’s caught with one hand then there’s no point for the offensive team, and the game goes on. and then whoever the team was on defense at that point is now on offense. if it goes through the cups and they don’t catch it with one hand then it’s a point for the team that threw it in the air, and you keep going and play to what you want… you know… 5 – wait biz, 7, 11…”

Wait, what’s that? Why’d you say that?

“Biz? Biz is a word for 5. during the game you’re not allowed to say the number 5, which i’ve said like 4 times in a row now… so i would have to fill up my cup with beer and drink it 4 times. if you say the number biz… or 5… you have the drink your entire cup and then fill it up with a new beer. So, that’s that rule.”

Does everybody play by that rule?

“No actually, that’s only a SoCal thing. the game changes from across where you are. I mean here at USC we play and you have to say biz instead of the number 4 plus 1. but whenever i play with my buddies in NorCal they say 4 plus 1 all the time and i’m like “oh you just said it” and they’re like what are you talkin’ about. they don’t understand. that’s only a SoCal thing.”



Response: Snappa is a drinking game that is very popular in the fraternity culture at USC and across the country. It is a relaxed drinking game, unlike beer pong, where a single game can last anywhere from 20 minutes to multiple hours. The goal of the game is more to have fun and relax than to get drunk quickly, as the pace is fairly slow. There is no such thing as professional snappa, and there are different rules to play the game depending on where it is played. It’s really fun.