Soarin’ Around the World, with ghosts


“So apparently there is a ghost in the A theater of Soarin’ Around the World at Epcot. Some people say that they have seeing a man walking around inside the theater or making noise inside the theater like voices and whispering when they’re sitting in tower alone or when they have closed the theater. Oh and “tower” is a position for cast members at Soarin’ where they sit alone and watch cameras in the dark and frequently after people say that they have had an experience with said ghost the attraction has some sort of malfunction or downtime. I don’t know exactly where it came from but some people say it’s from somebody who used to work at the ride that passed away. When I have been there in the past after a long shift and I’m closing, sometimes it feels like I’m not alone even though I am, and I get a sort of vibe or energy change in the empty theater as I’m checking it to shut it down. Some people say they’ve seen things move or heard things fall and never found whatever the noise came from, but I haven’t experienced that, just gotten a weird vibe or sometimes think I hear someone say something but no one is there. In the end I don’t really think anything of it though, it’s just a lot of hours of work and people’s stories that make you imagine things that aren’t really happening.”


A is a friend of mine who worked at Disney World’s Soarin’ Around the World for a few years in the past, they are currently 20 and a student in Florida. He says that he originally heard it from fellow cast members there at the ride, and figured it was just a way to scare the newbies, and thinks it is just his brain getting to him after a long shift. A does not believe in ghosts, and says he has never had a “real” supernatural experience.


A’s story of the ghost in the Soarin’ Around the World theater embodies themes of folklore, skepticism, community, and resilience. It reflects the ways in which humans create and share stories to make sense of the unknown, while also highlighting the importance of critical thinking and rationality in navigating the complexities of the modern world. The tale of the ghost haunting the theater reflects a common cultural phenomenon found in many societies – the creation of urban legends and ghost stories. These stories often emerge from a combination of shared experiences, hearsay, and the desire to add mystery and excitement to mundane surroundings. The sharing of ghost stories among cast members at the ride suggests a sense of community and camaraderie within the workplace. These stories serve as a form of entertainment and bonding, especially for those who work long hours in sometimes monotonous or stressful environments. Despite the prevalence of ghost stories, A expresses a rational and skeptical attitude towards the existence of supernatural phenomena. This skepticism reflects a broader cultural trend towards secularism and scientific thinking, where individuals are encouraged to question and analyze their beliefs in the absence of empirical evidence.