Soda suicides

“When I was little, my sister used to make me do suicides, which isn’t terrible, well kind of, it’s a mixture of all the sodas in the soda machine. So we’d go to Legends and make some suicides together, make sweet suicides together. And it was never very good, but we’d do it every time, cause we’d have the freedom to. We’d only go to Legends in Upland, California and it wasn’t really good, they said there’s glass in the burgers. Ack, and that’s my story.”

The idea of soda suicides was vaguely familiar to me before I heard this story, though I never had friends who repeatedly participated in it. For the informant, the game was more of a way to bond or play with his sister rather than to make a better flavor, since it seems that he liked neither the drink or the food. The name “suicides” is interesting too, because it could be attributed to either 1) suicidal because the taste is never good or 2) the drinkers know that soda is unhealthy. In any case, participants seem to do this for fun, not flavor. It is also possibly in other areas of America and it even has an Urban Dictionary entry, which is like a folklore archive of modern slang.