Spoons for Snow Day

If you put spoons under your pillow before going to bed, you’ll have a snow day the next day.

Informant is from Chicago, where this belief is popular. He believes he heard it from either his mother or from the news. It was popular with his age group when he was younger as they would try to get snow days to get days off from school. This made him excited when he would try this trick at a young age.

One of the more interesting things about collecting this folklore that stood out to me was that the informant said he might have heard it from the news. This was interesting to me because I would not have expected that a belief that seems more geared towards children would be spread on the news, but he said that he thinks reporters would say, “make sure you put spoons under your pillows” to encourage the belief. I think this shows how this belief was so wide-spread and collectively known, at least in this area. This seems to be a form of sign superstition, as it is believing that if you do something, you will make something else occur. It’s interesting to see how this superstition intersects with myth in a way, because the idea is that this is how certain natural phenomena are occurring, which relates to what myths are.