Standard Birthday Customs

Standard Birthday Customs:

D.S.: In birthday cards, we would put a bunch of confetti in it, and so that when they opened up, it would go all over the place. Whenever I would go to a birthday party live, I would go there and bring poppers, to pop.

ME: Oh, I remember those.

D.S.: Yeah, just to make it more fun I guess.

ME: OK, so how that’s your way of demonstrating a right of passage in somebody’s life, as in another year, and another number.

D.S.: Yeah, celebrations. That’s right.

ME: And those are practical jokes. In it’s way, that’s a celebration.

D.S.: Yeah. One of my girlfriends, when we would get together for lunch on birthdays, I would buy them these ugly, hideous looking glasses that say “Happy Birthday,” and I make ‘em wear ‘em, all during the lunch. So, that’s kinda fun. Trying to embarrass them, you know.

ME: Do you remember being the subject of an embarrassing practical joke, recently? Anything that comes to mind?

D.S.: Um, no. I can’t think of anything.

ME: Thank you.


D.S. discusses her customs of practical jokes done towards others, especially with regards to representing a right of passage; a transition from one life stage to another. It is widely spread to celebrate birthdays, although certain customs come with different families, or even cultural groups.