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Teasing hand gesture – Arabic Children’s Folk Gesture

Context: She learned the hand motion in Egypt when she was around 5. You would do this gesture to another person when you want to tease them. Originally, when saying it, you would say “To’ ou moot” (“Explode and die”). Gesture: For the sake of my informant’s anonymity, I performed the gesture in the video…. Continue Reading »

Pui Pui: Spitting the words off of your lips

Main Piece: What does Pui Pui mean? “It’s like ‘get the words off your lips,’ kind of a purification thing, but it’s also about spitting. It’s like when you don’t’ want to jinx something, like ‘I hope I start feeling better soon, pui pui pui.’ It’s so the evil eye… to get rid of the… Continue Reading »

Celebration of Survival- Infant Edition

Main Performance: The Dol (돌) is the celebration of an infant’s first birthday in South Korea. Childbirth and its complications in an impoverished country without advances in medicine and temperamental weather patterns meant that many children did not survive long past birth. Many children were kept in-doors as a means of protection and as a… Continue Reading »

Polish Yuletide: The Sharing of Bread and the Self

Main Performance: Also in polish tradition, during Christmas time and sometimes Easter, a special unleavened bread is used. You start with a whole and someone (a family member or such) will come up to you, take a piece of the wafer and in return wish good things upon you (pleasure, money, health etc.) and you… Continue Reading »