Step on a crack and you will break your mothers back.

My kids were always so full of energy when we went anywhere so I would try and think of creative ways to keep them calm. One of the best ways was when we were at Six Flags Great adventure with my son Troy and he was running to far ahead of me. I told him he needs to be careful where he was walking and if you step on a crack when you are walking you break your mothers back. He responded by saying I don’t want to hurt you mommy. From that point on he didn’t step on one crack and it caused him to walk way slower and allow for me to keep up without exerting too much energy.

Informant: The informant in this was once again Heidi. She has two boys and one girl for kids and had a lot of trouble with her youngest son troy having way too much energy on a daily basis.

Analysis: This is one of the most popular folk im writing about. A lot of generations of kids grow up knowing this riddle. Heidi was able to turn a common household game into a way of keeping her son from running too far ahead at an amusement park. Troy was always full of energy when he was young and truly believed if you step on a crack he would hurt his mom. His knowledge of that made him think a little bit more before running or performing any type of actions.