Step over twice

Main Piece:

“As far as I know, there is a Russian superstition that states that if you step over another person, you have to step back over them after or else they will have bad luck for seven years.”

Background Information:

The informant heard this from one of her Russian friends who learned it when she was living in Russia. The informant does not believe this to be true and neither does her friend. However, the informant has heard of other superstitions that can bring about seven years of bad luck.

Context of the performance:

The context of this performance is whenever somebody has to step over somebody else. This can be because of various reasons that the superstition does not specify.

My Thoughts:

I have heard of other superstitions that involve seven years in terms of luck. For example, I have heard that not making eye contact during a toast with drinks will bring seven years of bad luck. Additionally, I have heard that walking under a ladder will also give you seven years of bad luck. Seven years is usually tied to bad luck. while good luck does not come in increments of seven, but instead one or three.