Story of the British flag and Saint George and his Dragon

Michael is a 23 year old from London, England. Michael grew up In London with an American mom and a British father. He said a lot mainly translated from England to here, except for a few stories that are told there that do not get told here. One he spoke of was the story of Saint George and his dragon, and the correlation it had to the British flag.

“He slayed dragons, and he’s the reason, the cross of Saint George is the English flag”

Michael said that he did not know much of the story, except for the fact that the cross on the English flag, the red cross, was Saint George’s cross. He said that everyone learned this when they were young and began to admire the British flag more than he did before. I personally did not know the significance of all of the crosses on their flag, and while he said that they do also represent different regions in London, that this was the defining factor behind the red cross in the middle. I like this brief backstory behind their flag.