Swedish Pancakes on Thanksgiving

Main piece:

“We always have Swedish pancakes for breakfast [on Thanksgiving] and it’s divine.”


Informant is a first year student at the University of Southern California who grew up in Seattle, Washington. Her family got the recipe for Swedish pancakes from her grandmother, and they now all come together to make them every year.


When asked about how she celebrates Thanksgiving, the informant shared that she always wakes up late, at around 1pm, and then proceeds to have Swedish pancakes for breakfast.


While the informant still participates in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, her family also adds this tradition of having the same breakfast that day each year. Most people have particular foods they make for dinner each year, but it is interesting to see that every meal on Thanksgiving is the same each year. Additionally, because the recipe is coming from her grandmother, making this breakfast is a way for her family to remember other members of their extended family, even if they cannot be with them.