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Ghost in the Gym

The following is a ghost story from a friend of mine.  I am represented by the letters KP and he is represented by the letters KM. Piece: KP: Okay, go ahead and tell me about the time you saw a ghost. KM: So, I was in first grade… I was wasted. No, I’m just kidding.  […]

La Llorona: A Hispanic Woman in White Tale

The Folklore: E: What is the story that you wanted to tell me about? A: What I’m about to tell you is the story of how a popular ghost phenomenon came to be.  So there was once this woman who had gotten so distraught at her husband’s infidelity that she drowned her children. Realizing what she […]

Irma Hotel ghost story

My friend Jace grew up in Cody, Wyoming, a town named for the folk hero “Buffalo Bill” Cody. He gave me the following description of the purportedly haunted Irma Hotel: “So apparently this was like, the first hotel ever built in Cody. And it was named after one of Buffalo Bill’s daughters who died when […]

The Golden Child

Every April, it is common that Thai people go back to their homes for a big family gathering, as it is Thai New Year holiday. The informant detailed on her personal spiritual encounter back then. “I went to stay with my uncle after a family gathering night at his place during Song Kran (Thai New […]