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Donkey Lady

1) Donkey Lady

  • There’s a remote bridge over Elm Creek in San Antonio that’s called the Donkey Lady Bridge. It’s said to be haunted by the Donkey Lady, who will do damage to people’s cars and terrorize people that cross it. People have even found hoof-like tracks in the mud under the bridge. The donkey lady is said to have been a settler in the 1800s that threw rocks at a rich boy who was beating up her donkey. The boy went back to town and got all his friends to get revenge, and set her house on fire that night. She was disfigured in the fire, which also killed her children. Her fingers were melted together so it looked like she had hooves and her skin was all freaky and melted, making her look like a really scary donkey. She was angry at the death of her kids, and to this day tries to take it out on anyone she encounters.
  • My friend Annalise who is from San Antonio, Texas told us about this story. She learnt of this story just because growing up in San Antonio, it is a story that everyone naturally talked about, among family or friends. This story was sometimes used my adults to scare children and early teens to not go to certain places or stay out too late. Annalise told me this story when we were just talking about San Antonio, because I didn’t know this story, as I didn’t grow up there. It was casual but also intriguing.
  • I had no idea of this story before so it was nice to hear about it. I wonder if the events described actually happened or that if it did not, who told the story and shaped it this way. It now makes me wanna go try to see if this story is real, or like if this has inspired any crimes to happen.