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Donkey Lady

1) Donkey Lady There’s a remote bridge over Elm Creek in San Antonio that’s called the Donkey Lady Bridge. It’s said to be haunted by the Donkey Lady, who will do damage to people’s cars and terrorize people that cross it. People have even found hoof-like tracks in the mud under the bridge. The donkey… Continue Reading »


19) Golem The Golem is a creature created by a rabbi to serve the Jewish community when the community needed to be protected. The creature is made of soil or clay and brought to life by the use of alchemical-like formulas described in holy texts. The creature is not possessed by a spirit or ghost,… Continue Reading »

Prince Lutin

17) Prince Lutin Once there was a prince named Leandre, and he lived in this big palace. Another prince also lived with him, and his name was Furibon. Furibon was born deformed, but even more so, he is mean and nasty, and he has an insane mother. As time went by, everyone loved Leandre, but… Continue Reading »

Dames Blanches

16) Dames Blanches This is from out of french mythologies/folklores. Dames Blanches are white dressed female spirits who supposedly appear near caves, caverns, bridges or ravines. These are not extremely evil spirits, but they would ask passersby to do certain things for them to pass. Those who did what was asked of them were able… Continue Reading »