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Brisket and Kugel – “although they’re not as good as Marcia’s”

The informant is a 95-year old man who grew up in Davenport, right near downtown with his parents and two brothers. His father came over from Russia and owned a grocery store in Davenport. He is a father, grandfather, worked in advertising for 60 years, and loves baseball.   Interviewer: “Do you remember anything your mom… Continue Reading »

Food: Barbeque Recipe

Note: The informant is from Connecticut but she has family in the Midwest.   Barb-Q Recipe This recipe has been passed down from the informant’s grandmother to her mom to the informant. Ingredients 4lbs of spare ribs 1 cup of sliced onions 1 cup ketchup 1 cup water (the informant’s mother doesn’t use water) 1… Continue Reading »